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Jon Clash's book "Law of Attraction: A Gateway Drug to Spiritual Heroin"!

After spending years believing every lie told to him by Law of Attraction gurus, Jon Clash decided to explore the validity of what he was being taught. What he found shocked him so much that he urgently began to share his discoveries with anyone who would listen. Many of his friends and family had already become addicted to what Jon calls, Spiritual Heroin. After spending years watching this spiritual heroin tighten its grip on the people he cares about, Jon decided it was time to expose the Law of attraction for exactly what it is; a gateway drug sold to unsuspecting victims with the sole purpose of getting them addicted to spiritual heroin. Therefore, making them forever reliant on the gurus selling it to them.


Warning, this book may cause you to question everything you've ever believed about the Law of Attraction and anyone who still teaches it today.

Enjoy the ride!

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