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"What is a Woman?"A Christian Review

The internet has been going crazy over the latest Matt Walsh documentary titled "What is a Woman?" Some critics love it, while others refuse to even watch it.

Regardless of my personal opinions on Matt Walsh's approach to engaging with people who oppose his views, I was looking forward to the documentary because I find it extremely interesting that we are at a place in society where this question even needs to be asked. As I watched the film, I was expecting it to be a little bit biased in favor of the conservative's political position, but I was stunned that Matt didn't really do much talking. He simply asked questions and allowed the guests to simply express their viewpoints and in doing so, expose the flaws in their ways of thinking.

After watching the documentary twice, I decided to make a video about what I believe to be the actual problem at the core of this "What is a Woman?" debate.

Check out this video about what I found.

-Jon Clash

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